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10 ways to relish Sada Khakra

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Sada Khakra also known as plain khakra (khakra or Khakhra) is the most authentic form of Khakra, it is made of whole wheat. Sada khakra is crispy & healthy and preferred as a staple diet for breakfast at most Gujarati homes. Sada Khakra is also referred to by Doctor's and Dietitians as a healthy alternative for your evening snacks.

You may have a question, how to eat Sada Khakra?

Sada Khakra can be relished in many varieties. We have listed some of our preferred and favourite combinations for you.

1) Chai Khakra

Dip it in Tea and eat it before it breaks and melts in the drink. or alternatively, take a bowl and pour milk tea into it and then crush the Khakra's and add to it. Eat it with a spoon and enjoy a quick meal. You can also eat Khakra separately while sipping your chai or coffee if you like it that way.

2) Khakra Makhaan with chutney

This is one of my favourite way to eat the Khakra. Spread Makhaan (butter) on top of the Khakra and sprinkle your favourite dry chutney's like peanut chutney, til (sesame) chutney or explore some South Indian style chutney's like gun powder also known as podi chutney.

3) Khakra Ghee and Chutney

Another way to use Khakra chutney combo is to use Ghee instead of Makhaan (butter). Spread the goodness of Ghee on top of the Khakra and sprinkle your favourite dry chutney on it.

4) Khakra and Pickle

If you are a fan of pickles this is one combination you should try. Khakra and pickle are one of the craziest combinations it will leave you mesmerized. Enjoy any of your favourite Khakra not just sada Khakra with pickle, especially mango or mango garlic pickle and you will crave for more.

5) Khakra Ghee and Sugar

Yes, you heard it right, spread the goodness of ghee on top of Khakra and sprinkle sugar on it. While this is a favourite combo among kids, even adults enjoy it. If you feel tired and weak try this combination to gain your energy back and feel good.

6) Khakra and Jam

Keep it easy with this simple recipe, spread Jam on top of the Khakra and enjoy. Another favourite of kids and also a quick breakfast combo, can be part of your continental breakfast spread.

7) Pizza Khakra

Use Sada Khakra as a base, double it with a layer of cheese in between and add your favourite toppings. And enjoy a gujju dish with an Italian twist.

8) Khakra and Kothmir Chutney

Spread Kothmir (Kothmiri or Kothimbir or coriander) Chutney on top of Sada Khakra and eat it.

9) Masala Khakra

Just like Masala papad, you can use Khakra as a base instead of papad and top it with a mix of chopped onion, tomato, green chilli and coriander leaves. Make this refreshing chaat for an evening snack or as a party appetizer.

10) Khakra papad Choori

Crush and put khakhras in a large bowl. Add crushed papad to it. Sprinkle cumin, chilli, salt. Drizzle ghee over mixture. Mix well with hand to blend flavours and serve.

Tell us which one is your favourite or if you have a unique combo or a creative way to enjoy Khakra's, please add in the comments below. Join us on Instagram and Facebook for any such updates.

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