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Entrepreneur. Social Worker. Leader.

A graduate in Arts from Osmania University, Hyderabad. Geeta Shah is a personality with core traditional values with the sense and acceptability of the new generation. 

During her childhood, Geeta Shah was brilliant with her studies and always strived to excel in sports and cultural programs. She was a good student and always appreciated by her teachers and friends.

She took responsibility early on in life by supporting her family in day-to-day activities. Post-marriage she wanted to do something on her own and tried a few home-based businesses before starting Geeta Mahila Gruh Udyog (GMGU) in the year 1991. Her aim was to support her family as well as support women who wanted to break the stereotype and join the workforce.

Geeta Mahila Gruh Udyog started with 2 employees in 1991 and grew to 15 in a couple of years. Quality, consistency, and good taste is synonym with the Khakra's manufactured at GMGU. She never compromised on the quality of the product to survive the competition or to make more profits. 


When she realized not every woman could come out of their home to work at the food processing unit. And the job could not be outsourced, considering the nature of the product. She started taking projects in embroidery work with the brand and outsourced them to the women in need of work. She always has had a creative side and because she was a go-to person for her friends and relatives for their shopping, that inspired her to start Soulful Threads. Today GMGU not only employs women in food processing but also outsources embroidery work. There are also many homemakers who have joined Geeta Mahila Gruh Udyog as resellers, selling Khakra’s from home living in gated communities and colonies, they also book orders for embroidery work and serve GMGU in their capacity. By associating with GMGU, they are able to manage their personal and professional life efficiently without any compromise.


She helps women to become financially independent and also trains them with knowledge and skills to make a living and survive on their own. She educates them about their rights and helps them to lead dignified lives.

Her work was lauded by many, she received awards and recognition at various forums.


She is a member of many organizations, and has been actively participating in various events and initiatives. She played key roles and held leadership positions in the same.


Geeta Shah was President of KDO Mahila Manch, Hyderabad, President of Dakshin Bharat KDO Mahila Manch (South India) for an extended period of time. She was Secretary of Lioness Club Hyderabad East, Dist 320A during 2019-2020 and received “Best Secretary for the year 2019-2020” She completed her tenure as President for the same club recently and is awarded as the “Best President for the year 2020-2021” for Lioness District 320 A, under the umbrella of Lions Club International.

During her tenure as the president of the club and under her leadership, the club “Lioness Club of Hyderabad East” won the title of “Best Club for the year 2020-21” and “Best Banner Presentation” during the award ceremony. The award ceremony was held on 09th January 2022 at Lions Bhavan, Hyderabad.


Some key initiatives and activities undertaken by the club under her supervision for the year 2020-2021 are as follows:

  1. Cancer Awareness program

  2. Health Camp at Girls Orphanage in association with Family Planning of India (FPI).

  3. Social awareness and training programs for teenage girls

  4. Distributed health tonic and medicines at the orphanage

  5. Distributed necessary items and medicines at Old age home

  6. Monthly distribution of Groceries, Toiletries, Snacks and Medicines at Lalna Welfare Association

  7. Conducted Blood donation camps

  8. Tree Plantation drive

  9. Built water tanks at Government School

  10. Repairing and upkeep of toilets at Government school for health and hygiene of the students

  11. Distribution of Blankets to needy during winter


The club also participated and contributed to other social platforms and conducted programs for its members. The pandemic did not deter the vision and mission of the club and the members fearlessly participated during the crisis time and extended help to the needy. The meetings were held virtually, and technology became the key support system to keep the momentum going. The activities during the pandemic time did not slow down and the members took all the precautions to support and contribute.


Geeta Shah has well balanced her personal and professional life along with her social commitments. She has always worked successively with time and took the right decisions in a timely manner to stay abreast with the changing time. From manufacturing Khakra’s in a small room to mechanizing operations and setting up of Khakra Manufacturing plant to meet the high demand to now selling them online and delivering across India.


Her work is an inspiration, her motto in life is simple living, high thinking.

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